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Friday, February 12, 2010

Do you have a crush and want him to fall in love with you?

Having a crush is normal. And we all want our object of affection to feel the same way towards us. A lot of women, however, just wait for the man they secretly admired to make the first move. This tactic will work only if you are very beautiful, but if not then you have to do something to capture the attention of your crush.

Make the first move!
Stop playing that “wait and see kind of game”. You should not just hope for the best. Things won’t work out in some vague, miraculous way. You are the one who has to do something to achieve your desired result.

Self confidence is a key factor.
The reason why you are reluctant to make the first move is because you are afraid that your actions might incur disapproval. In short, you are not confident of your attractiveness. But men feel the same way, too. They too are afraid of rejections, thus most men will take the necessary actions only if women gave them the go signal. Doing your first move makes your crush more confident because he knows that he will not be rejected.

Use body language.
Expressing feelings verbally puts you to a high risk of embarrassment or possible rejection. But body language can convey information without being too obvious or making binding commitments. A more subtle approach would be fine. Simple things like making eye contact, or just a simple smile transports your message.

You can signal your interest in your crush by occasionally looking at him. Just don't overdo it for this will make him feel uncomfortable and may only muddle the situation. If he responds positively, you can safely assume that he is interested.

Let him know you are interested.
Saying a simple 'hello” and giving a smile could hint your crush you liked him. An affirmative reaction is an indication that he is inclined to like you, too.

If you think he likes you go and let your crush notice you
Sometimes guys simply don't understand subtle hints and flirting. If he is not responding the way you think he should don't get discouraged. Keep trying. Maybe he just doesn't comprehend your signals. Give him more clues.

Find some common grounds.
Learn about his interest, likes and dislikes then use them to start up conversations later on. 

Keep it secret.
Do not tell your friends or other people who your crush is. If you do he might get embarrassed or intimidated and you will only end up making him not liking you at all. 

Don't try to rush things. 
Do not stalk your crush and do not hang all over him either. It is a turn off. Just keep it simple.

Just be yourself.
Don't pretend to be someone else so your crush will like you. It is certainly not worth it. You don't have to change your entire self in order to fit in to his standards. If he is not interested in you then accept the truth and move on. Find your luck in other guys. After all it is only a crush so relax.

This article is not a guaranteed method of getting you a boyfriend. However, this could give you a better idea of how your crush feels about you. In applying any of the above-mentioned tactics, it is important to study his reactions. If he responds positively, it is a sign that he is crushing on you, too.

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