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Monday, November 23, 2009

Manny Pacquiao's Secret Power!

Manny Pacquiao's Secret Power!
What is the key to Manny Pacquiao's success? Where does his inner strength really come from? How did Manny Pacquiao achieve his greatness? Does he has an “anting-anting” — magical powers? Read on for more facts you didn't know about Manny.

Emmanuel “Manny” Dapidran Pacquiao was born of a typical poverty-stricken Filipino family at Kibawe, Bukidnon in Mindanao on December 17, 1978. Manny left elementary school and was forced to work at a very young age after his father left them for another woman. He helped his mother by selling “pandesal”, peanuts and home made doughnuts peddling the streets of General Santos City in the Philippines.

As a young boy, Manny was already learning how to fight for his life. When not peddling he would engage himself in a brutal fist fighting in the street to earn few money. He simply wanted to feed himself and his family. During town fiestas in their place or in any other nearby villages he would participate in boxing matches for a reward of just P150 (US $3) for winners. The money that he gets would be given to his mother to support their living expenses.

Nicknamed “Pacman”, as portrayal to the way he gobbles up his every opponent in the ring, Manny developed his mix magical skills of blazing speed and punching power in the streets and in the ring. As he kept on winning his fights he became well known in his place and earned the nod of some boxing aficionados. He was then invited to be brought to Manila for further honing of his boxing skills.

However, Manny's mother opposed to the plan. Nanay Dionesia is a pious woman and had hoped her son would join the priesthood. Though a religious boy himself, Manny was determined to pursue his dream of becoming a great boxer so he can help his family and the poor citizens from his town. Manny set off to Manila to continue his training.

At the age of 16 Pacman started his professional boxing career at 106 lbs (Light Flyweight). His early fights were shown on Vintage Sport's Blow by Blow — a small local venue. Though he kept on winning his early professional bouts his earnings, just like any other rookie boxer usually could generate, was so meager that he can not afford to send extra money for his family. To augment his income he worked in the gym where he trained doing odd jobs, which included janitor, while continuing his early boxing career.

Manny collected eleven straight wins before tasting defeat for the very first time in 1996 against Rustico Torrecampo who knocked him out on the third round. Pacquiao had not made the mandatory weight increase from 106 to 113 lbs. So he was forced to use heavier gloves than Torrecampo, thereby putting Pacman at a disadvantage.

Pacquiao was so devastated by this loss and his life could have taken a different turn after this. He considered quitting. But going back home as a failure and to resume his never ending bout against poverty, he thought, is far more enduring than fighting in the ring. Manny then was all determined to continue his boxing career.

Pacquiao then settled at 112 lbs, winning the WBC Flyweight title over Chatchai Sasakul only to lose it in his second defense against Medgoen Singsurat (3K battery). Pacman exceeds the weight limit of 112 lbs thus he was forced to dehydrate. 3K battery scored a 3-round KO over a weight-drained Manny Pacquiao. Following his loss to 3K battery, Pacquiao gained weight anew and advanced to the Super Bantamweight division of 122 lbs, where he conquered the WBC International Super Bantamweight title. The rest was history for Manny.

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao rose from poverty to being the richest boxer in the world today. Pacquiao did what no boxer has done before — win world titles in seven weight divisions: Flyweight, Junior featherweight, Featherweight, Junior lightweight, Lightweight, Junior welterweight, and Welterweight. He fought legends, future hall-of-famers at that, and beat them impressively and convincingly thereby putting himself on top of the boxing world, not just of this generation, but of all time.

As just the sport of boxing is starting to lose its popularity Manny Pacquiao has helped it regain some momentum once again. Pacquiao has already achieved so much and he’s destined to add more. What's more admiring is he does not boast about his wealth and achievements.

Aside from his superior skill in boxing, Manny is also good in basketball, billiards and singing. He seems to be doing well in any field he chooses to undertake. Are these indications that Pacman indeed has a magical power? NO!

There is no special key element for Manny Pacquiao’s success. His achievements cannot be attributed to “anting-anting" or talisman, but mainly due to the excellent work ethics, strong determination, his strict adherence to discipline, his passion for the job, his humility, and continual improvement attitude that he has. Above all, Manny's strong faith in God has given him inner strength and confidence that makes him a champion.

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