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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Acai Berry — for Weight Loss and for Cancer Cure?

Acai Berry — for Weight Loss and for Cancer Cure?
By Rustum Alcuezar

There are numerous stories surrounding the acai berry. It, allegedly, can help induce weight loss and can assist reduce cancer risks. Acai contains an array of health-promoting benefits and has been considered by many medical professionals as nature's SUPER FOOD. Acai has received wide attention and several popular television shows, with one of the most prominent being the Oprah show, have discussed about it.

But what exactly is acai berry and how it actually works in your body? Are all these claims truth or just hoax? Do scientific studies back up these claims of acai berry benefits? And if all the claims encompassing this mysterious fruit are true how it manage working to that effect? Read on for more facts you didn't know about acai berry.

What is acai berry?
Acai berry is a purple-fleshed fruit that can be harvested from the acai palm tree, which generally grows in the Amazon rain forest. It has been used as medicine by the local people of Brazil for centuries but has only recently become popular in the western world. Acai berry has been found to be rich in the A, B and C vitamins and has loads of amino acids, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, essential fatty acids, zinc, and many others. But what made acai so astonishing is that it contained some of the highest antioxidant and anthocyanins levels of any fruit.

What are Antioxidants?
Antioxidants are substances that can be found from fresh fruits and vegetables. Research shows that antioxidants have a key role in the prevention of cellular damage — the common route to cancer and a variety of diseases. Antioxidants are elements that may safeguard your cells against the harmful effects of free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that can harm healthy tissues. Free radicals are created by environmental pollution, cigarette smoking, and poisons like herbicides. By diminishing the destructive power of free radicals, antioxidants may help lower the risk of some diseases, such as heart disease and cancer.

What are anthocyanins?
Anthocyanins are powerful natural antioxidants which are beneficial to our health. Among the antioxidants, anthocyanins show the most capability to penetrate cell membranes and offer protection. Anthocyanins have the capacity to ward off a large number of human diseases. They may assist your body by increasing your body's peripheral circulation, boosting immune systems, improving vision, enhancing memory, and healing of wounds.

How to loss excess weight effectively?
Losing weight is a very tough job for obese people. The most common treatment for obesity consists of physical exercise and a low calorie diet. But dieting and subjecting your body to starvation, though can result to weight loss, is not highly recommended for it has an adverse side effects. These will result to loss of lean muscle mass, increased risks of gout, and electrolyte imbalances. To avoid complications people attempting these diets must be monitored closely by a physician.

Physical exercise can lead to substantial weight loss. But painstaking exercise without paying attention to what your body actually needs is not an effective way, either.

Bariatic surgery is the most effective remedy for obesity. However, due to the risk of complications and its high cost, physicians are exploring for other effective yet less invasive treatments.

Using acai berry in your diet is one of the easiest ways to lose fat.
Several researches support the idea that eating a diet rich in antioxidants will promote weight loss. Acai berry contains antioxidants that are two times higher than blueberries, ten times the level of grapes and even 20 times higher than that of wine. The acai berry contains a dietary fiber, which has a cholesterol lowering effect. It is also packed with vitamins, essential fatty acids that help in achieving greater overall health. According to research acai berry, due to its high anthocyanins content, has demonstrated marked ability to reduce cancer cell proliferation and to inhibit tumor formation.


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