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Monday, February 22, 2010


Underdog or “undercat”, whatever it is, the cheetahs are so called because they are vulnerable species. They cannot defend themselves against most of Africa's other big predator species. Lion, leopards and spotted Hyena will occasionally attack and kill cheetah. The cheetahs have more than 50% chance of losing their spoils to other predators. They do not put up much of a fight and will surrender a kill immediately rather than risk injury. Any injury that reduce their speed in hunting could really be life threatening.

Being an efficient predator themselves, the cheetahs play a very important role to a more balanced ecosystem. By preventing the rapid population growth of the herbivores (plant eaters), cheetahs ensure that overgrazing does not occur.

However, the fastest land animal's numbers are now rapidly decreasing. Cheetahs are critically endangered and are facing a high risk of extinction in the wild. This decline may not be reversible. The deterioration of their habitat and conflicts with humans have been the primary causes of more recent drops in their population. Visit for additional info about taking care of our environment.


Anonymous said...

Funny and at the same time you learned something

Land of Oase said...

hmmm funny posts dude.... i wonder how to prevent cheetah from extinct...