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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jokes, children, talents, random thoughts

Jokes, cartoons, beauty, health, sports, random thoughts



hi my friend! thank very much x your words and feelings abour my have no idea how much I appreciate it!!! you know what? my blog is 1 year age.When I started,I didnt know how to make it,nothing,I said my self...."I want to make the kind of blog,that when people visit me,they feel good and want to come back.I worked hours and hours,many time in the night,I made it with said its the best blog,etc.let me show you the best blog in all the world,my dear friend Chris has it,when I visit him the first time it blowed up my brain,yes!
this is:
ok,have a wonderful w.e.thanks x your can do all you want,never forget it!

Alam adalah Keagungan Mu said...

this post is very interested the picture can give some ilustration about blogging.

Rox said...

Please don't vote for Manny Villar. Last night he caused traffic in Tabunok, Talisay City, Cebu.

Manny Villar Caused Traffic In Cebu South

Anonymous said...

Weird. I can't see a picture or image. Will check it again.